Tuesday, January 6, 2015

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Eat Your Flying Semen Cumslut
I have a surprise for you! I want you to cum on your hand and lick if all off, cumslut! Once it's in your mouth I instruct you on how to eat it.
cum eating instruction, cei
Bi Humiliation
I am going to have my gay friend fuck your ass and turn you gay. You think your so macho? Not anymore, bitch! Listen to how I plan to turn you GAY!
forced bi
Turning Straight Men Into Sissy Girls
I am going to dress you up head to toe as a girl and apply some nice makeup. Then I am going to take you out in public to be my little sissy bitch. Everyone is going to know what a girl you are, lol!
forced fem, financial domination
Financial Domination Money Mistress Therapist Helps You With Your Fin Dom Cash Addiction
I am the women you could never have, that's why it's so frustrating. You have an uncontrollable urge to please me. I can give you the satisfaction that you yearn for. Who cares about your family starving because you would rather pay for my dinners. Go to the ATM machine, make a big withdrawal and send it all to me, money slave! I want to go out with my friends, go on vacation and live the luxurious life that I deserve, all at your financial expense!
financial domination, findom
Financially Addicted To Indulging My Money Fetish
You are going to work hard everyday and give me every last dollar. I do whatever I want. I just laugh at you because you never say no to me. I love to go shopping and buy outfits, shoes and purses. That is the only thing you are good for!
financial domination, findom
Fat Pig Abuse
Fatty humiliation and extreme verbal degradation.
humiliation, fat loser abuse
Fat Fuck Humiliation Fantasy
Look at that fat gut, you slob! You are so disgusting! Jerk off as I verbally abuse you, fat ass!
humiliation, fat loser abuse
Fatty Degradation
I tease and humiliate you hardcore about how fat you are.
humiliation, fat loser abuse
Loser Abuse
Perched high above you, I verbally humiliate you for being such a pathetic loser!
loser humiliation, foot fetish
Mean Girl Friend Bitches And Degrades You
Hey pathetic loser, get on the floor and be ready for me to berate and verbally humiliate everything about you? I give you the middle finger and tell you exactly straight up the kind of person you are and why you deserve to be on the floor, where you belong, loser!
humiliation, middle finger fetish
Bratty Girl Humiliates Your Man Clit
I have come to the conclusion that you suffering from little man syndrome. No matter how much you tug and pull at it its never going to grow. What the hell am I supposed to do with that tiny bump in front of you?
small penis humiliation, sph
Small Dick Verbal Abuse
Hey there tiny! I have a great laugh at your expense. My clit is probably bigger than your dick. What a pitiful, tiny dick you have. I am being extra bratty and taunt you endlessly about the size of your tiny dicklette.
small penis humiliation, sph
Small Dick Loser Abuse
I heard you have a really, really, small penis. Watch and listen as I laugh and tell you how pathetic your small penis is.
small penis humiliation, sph
Bratty Small Cock Humiliation
This is for all you little needle dick bitches out there. I show you using a prop how small your dick is. A cock that small would never satisfy a woman. I want you to know just how pathetic and small your little prick is.
small penis humiliation, sph
Hey Tiny Cock
What a small dick you have! It must be the smallest one I have ever seen. You're not anywhere near the size that can satisfy me. How do you even jack off? I don't see that happening. You will never get a pussy with this, what a pindick loser!
small penis humiliation, sph
Tiny Dick Humiliation
I can't help laughing at you at how small you are. I have no desire to even touch that little thing. Your cock is too small to stroke like a normal person. I compare your cock to a very small object that just gives me the giggles, lol!
small penis humiliation, sph
Small Dick Loser Humiliation
Is my teasing, laughing, and verbal abuse actually turning you on? Why don't you go to the nearest hardware store and buy some miraclegro to put on your dick. I get a good laugh while I humiliate and make fun of your pathetic, tiny, useless, sorry little clit!
small penis humiliation, sph
Bratty Girl Jerk Off Instructions
Bring your hard dick over here and jerk off to my hot body. I will instruct your masturbation while I flirt with you. Your dick is getting hard just thinking about it.
masturbation instruction, joi
Cuckold Humiliation
You are so pathetic, you wish your cock was as big as my boyfriend's. I know you dream of watching me having sex with him touching me all over. Keep dreaming, loser.
Tight Jeans Facesitting
I am going plant my ass right on your face! Kiss my ass! How long can you handle my denim ass smothering you. You could suffocate in any moment, but with such a young hot denim ass all over your face, you couldn't care less!
facesitting, ass worship
Ballbusting Brat
Do you know what I want to do really bad? I want to kick you right in the nuts because you are a pathetic loser. I will keep kicking them until both nuts are bruised. Then I will tease you and then when you least expect it, I will kick you in the nuts again!
ballbusting, cbt
Cock And Ball Torture CBT
I have something extra special for you. I will tell you my plan on how I will smash your balls with a truck, lol!
ballbusting, cbt
Public CBT Ballbusting Humiliation
I am going to take you to the mall today. Everytime we pass a store I am going to kick you in the nuts and you get to get humiliated and everyone else gets to laugh, lol!
ballbusting, cbt, public humiliation
Ballbusting Humiliation With My Clear, Lucite High Heels
I love kicking guys in the balls. I also like to knee guys in the nuts. How about I punch them really hard? So many fun ways different amount of ways I can bust your balls. Then afterwards I am going to pierce them with my high heels! You are going to be in so much pain, lol!
ballbusting, cbt, high heels, clear heels, lucite heels
Bratty Girl Kicks Your Balls
Why don't you come over so I can feel your balls crushing under my foot. Want to see some of my karate moves right on your nuts? I am going to kick you so hard, your balls are going to go in your stomach, bitch.
ballbusting, cbt
Bratty Girl Pops Your Balls
Guess what I want to do today? I tell you how I to pop your ball sac and turn them into panckes. I love just your reaction, it just makes my day!
ballbusting, cbt
Ballbusting Teen Tortures Your Balls
I am going to show you the what I will use to squish your balls with.
ballbusting, cbt
Give Me Your Balls
Let me show you how I smash your balls against the wall! Then I will sit right on them while your laying on the ground, oh yeah! Watch what happens at the end as I use my high heels to totally destroy them!
ballbusting, cbt
School Girl Ballbusting
I want to hear you scream after you get your nutsack kicked with the heel of my shoe. All I want to do is hurt your balls. If that doesn't work, I am going to use hands to squeeze them really hard until they burst. Your balls are SO pathetic!
ballbusting, cbt
Ball Stomping Brat
Watch me kick and squeeze your balls you with my brown ugg boots while I relax in bed.
ballbusting, cbt
Self Ballbusting Instructions Video
This is going to be fun! I give you instructions on how to hurt your balls.
ballbusting, cbt
Schoolgirl Brat Ballbusting Your Nutsack With My High Heel Shoes
I want to hear you whine like a bitch. I am going to brake your balls with my sexy clear high heels!
ballbusting, cbt
My Ballbusting Story Video
I tell you a great story about a guy who wanted to get his balls kicked in and how I did it.
Tearing Up Your Balls
Little ball loser, I am going humiliate you and squeeze your nuts until they pop! You are going to be in agonizing pain, lol!
ballbusting, cbt
Crushing Your Loser Balls
I want to squish your balls and bust them! Listen in on me tell you the myriad of ways I squish them. Sitting on them, body slamming on them and more! I enjoy squeezing them until you can't take it anymore.
ballbusting, cbt
Bikini FinDom Blackmail
Check out my new bikini! I bought it with your money, of course! I spending your money on jewelry, shoes, houses and cars! It so much better using your money to spend on things, lol! You know the blackmails that I have on you? I am going to use that against you if you don't send me more tributes!
findom, financial domination, blackmail
Ignoring You While I Take Off My Sexy Boots
OMG, these boots are soooo cute! And so sexy on my perfect feet! I seductively take my off my boots and then my socks on my bed while I ignore you. You tremble at the mere sight of my soft foot flesh.
boots, foot, ignore fetish
Financially Dominating You With My Dirty Boots
You pathetic little bitch! I remove my stinky boots and tease you with my feet, haha! Want to take a whiff? Lick my soles first bitch!
boots, foot, financial domination
Boot Smelling Fetish
Today is your lucky day! I have been walking around in my sexy boots without socks and now I will take them off so you can see how stinky they are! This is all your going to smell from me!
boots, foot, smell fetish
Chewing My Bubble Gum And Blowing Bubbles
I chew my bubble gum and blow bubbles. Every once and a while I humiliate about how you are looking at my feet. Later on I flip you off! lol
gum, bubble gum, bubblegum fetish
Bubblegum Fetish
Hot close ups of me chewing my gum and blowing lots of bubbles.
gum, bubble gum, bubblegum fetish
Blowing Bubbles
Chewing gum while I blow some loud ass bubbles in my black bra and panties.
bubble gum fetish
Bubble Gum Ignore
Worship my perfect body while I chew some bubblegum. I flip you off more than once because you are a total loser!
bubblegum fetish, ignore fetish
Blackmailed Into Chastity
What happens after you give me your personal information? You become my little bitch now and I make you do whatever I want. I have full control over you now. You will be forced to put this chastity on or your life will totally be ruined.
chastity, blackmail, financial domination
Locked In Chastity
So you're interested in being my little bitch? Well, I have a solution for that, it's called a chastity device. That way I can control your cock. Since I am not there I will control you by locking your dick up. I tease you mercilessly with the chastity device, licking and sucking it while showing off my black cocktail dress and black knee high boots.
chastity, black thigh high boots, slave training, sph
Chastity Blackmail
I know you can't live without me. You love doing what I tell you to do. Here is your brand new pink chastity device with the lock! This gives me all the power. You are going to wear it and not be able to jerk off or have sex with your wife. I have the keys so if you want to cum, your going give me everything I want!
chastity, gum, findom, financial domination, blackmail
Chastity Humiliation
Say hello to your new life being my slave. I dangle the keys in your face and completely humiliate you for wanting to get locked up.
chastity, gum
Chastity Cage Training
I love the power the chastity device gives me. I show you exactly how much of a loser you are and what's going to happen after I lock you up in my cock cage wearing my little black dress and high heels.
Chastity Slave Instruction
I give you instructions on what to do with your chastity device and how you are going to prove it to me by taking pics of yourself. It's going to suck for you not being able to cum anymore, lol. Sock addicts will love a sneak peak at me taking them off.
chastity, socks, findom, financial domination
Financial Dominatrix Owns You
I am going to train you to be my chastity slave. You have to obey me because I own you. I want you to get a device for me and ready to take it up your ass.
chastity, financial domination
Chastity Humiliation In My White Bra And Panties Lingerie
You jerk off too much. So unless you want me to be a funny bitch your going to have to put this chastity device on. I will let you know how long you will be locked in your cage.
Sneakers Fetish
Hey shoe boy! Why don't you come over here and lick the bottom of my dirty white shoes! I tell you how dirty my sneakers are and what kind of filth is on them Your pathetic ass needs to clean them for me, you foot bitch loser!
sneakers, shoe
Sniff My Socks Loser
Get a load if these socks, they are extra dirty! I have been walking in them for days. They smell pretty bad!
socks, financial domination
Ignoring You In My Socks
Take a peek at the soles of my dirty socks while I completely ignore you. I tease your pathetic cock with my dirty smelly sock covered feet.
socks, ignore fetish
Bratty Sock Fetish Humiliation
I show off my dirty socks are while I roll around in my bed. It was 100 degress today and I walked around in them. They are pretty nasty. Maybe you can use it as an air freshener, lol!
Bratty Sock Striptease
I am going to cock tease you with my stinky knee high sock covered feet. I take them off and put my toes right in front of you, then pull away as you try to smell them, lol! I make fun of you for getting so weak for my socks!
socks fetish, foot fetish
Smell My Sweaty Socks
Check me out in my new, sexy knee high white socks! I touch my legs with my feet, hold my legs up in the air while massaging them. I give you nice closeups of my toes and forced you to suck and smell on them. Bet you wish you can touch them!
socks fetish
Bratty Sock Smelling Humiliation
Why are you staring at my feet, foot perv? I want you to rub my feet and then smell your hands. Sniff how stinky they are! I may give you some free whifs of my feet if you give me a good rubdown.
socks fetish
Facesitting Fetish
I want to hear you beg as I sit on you, plopping my perfect tight and toned body right down on your face, squishing it with my perfect, denim covered ass!
Bratty Foot Humiliation
My feet are so sweaty! I am going to take my heels off and tease you with my hot pink nails.
foot fetish
Lotioning My Perfect Feet
I apply some creamy lotion all over my beautiful painted feet. Time to start drooling!
foot fetish
Worship My Bratty Feet
I seductively eat some chocolate hoho's between my toes. I know you want to touch them. You will get addicted watching me lick all over my painted toes!
foot fetish
Foot Addiction
I had a long day today so I put sensually rub lotion on my perfect feet. I tease you about how much turns you on. Worship My feet, loser!
foot fetish
Foot Humiliation
You don't deserve to suck my toes! I play with my feet while lying in bed lounging. I just have to show my feet off and make you weaker!
foot fetish humiliation
Foot Seduction
Hey loser foot boy, check out my hot pink nail polish on my sexy feet. My feet are too perfect to resist! Come to me and give in to your insatiable lust for my feet! Watch upclose as I sensually show them off to you, foot bitch!
foot fetish
Rub My Toes And Lick Them
Hey toe loser! I am going to make you to suck the dirt off my big toe. This is your job you dirty foot licking foot slut!
foot fetish
Hypnotized By My Feet
I tease and torment you with my pretty toes and soft soles. Lots of toe curling, toe wiggling and showing off my perfect soles!
foot fetish
Kiss My Fabulous Feet
You want to be a good footboy for me, don't you? Then listen up because I am telling you how to please me, how to make me and my perfect feet very happy. My feet need to be massaged. Maybe you can lick and suck on it too. My feet need to cleaned with your saliva because you are a loser.
foot fetish
Foot Sniffing Freak
Check out the dirty aftermath of my high heels after a long night of dancing. You want to lick my shoes, with all the dirty nasty sweat on them. I demonstrate how you are going to suck the heel of my shoe. Then I make you smell my feet just for fun!
foot fetish
Worship Me Heart And Sole
You my little foot bitch. I want you to suck my toes and work your way around. Suck harder, loser, and make sure you get my pinkie. Worship My beautiful feet and lick them clean for me as I humilate you at your weakness for them.
foot fetish
Ten Talented Toes
Hey foot freak! I am going to see if you can handle sucking on every one of my toes. I am going to shove it down your throat, loser! Now lick the dirt between my toes. Don't forget to lick my toenails, too, loser!
foot fetish
My Feet Demand Respect
You will never be good enough for me! I humiliate and embarass you for staring at my feet and getting horny for them. My perfect feet will have you drooling!
foot fetish
Smelly Foot Princess
Foot addict gimps will enjoy this. I tease you with my beautiful feet while you are in a glass box and can't get out to smell them, lol.
foot fetish, middle finger, cage
Sock Fetish Freak
Hey there sock boy! Check out my sexy one of kind pair of knee high socks. I slowly slide them off with my leg up in the air, something you will never do because you are a loser, lol! You are going to buy all my videos just to watch my sexy feet!
foot fetish, socks
Smelly Feet After A Long Run
What are you looking at, you loser? After a long, 4 mile run, my sneakers are so stinky. Why don't you take a whiff, you foot freak! My feet are way too good for you to touch!
foot fetish, sneakers
Sock Bitch
I take off my long white socks and throw them at you. Then I tease you with my feet. Lots of toe wiggling and of course, flipping you off!
foot fetish, socks, middle finger
Lick My Feet Clean Loser
Hey foot slave, you want to lick my foot some more? I flip you off for not licking my foot right. Get down there and clean my toes, bitch!
foot fetish, cage, middle finger
Bratty Babe Foot Fetish
My feet need a massage. I will tell you how to do it. Get some lotion and spread it on my feet, foot boy, Massage between my toes, too!
foot fetish
Perfect Superior Feet
I try on a pair of very high heels and play around with them with my feet. My feet and toes are so perfect, the perfect asset to drive a foot fetish freak like you crazy. You long to be my foot bitch and I am showing you why loser.
foot fetish
Solely For You
You are a total loser foot bitch for me and I know it. I'm tormenting you with my perfect size feet by showing off my pretty pink toenails and soles.
foot fetish
Jerk Off Foot Boy Humiliation
Hey foot bitch, watch me tease you with my sexy long toes. You are my official foot cleaner, lol. I encourage you to stroke and stroke for my sexy feet, teasing you as I wiggle My toes and point them.
foot fetish
Bratty Soles Own You
I humiliate and berate you as you stare at my soles. I bet you wish you can suck on my toes huh? There is no way a loser like you can resist my sexy soles!
foot fetish
Smell And Lick My Dirty Sneakers
Hey sneaker freak boy! I am going to take off my shoes and socks and put my stinky toes right in your face so you can lick them but first I am going to tease you with them! You like that, don't you, foot bitch? I know you are dying for me to take them off!
foot fetish, sneakers, financial domination
Smell My Ugg Boots
I tease your pathetic cock with my dirty smelly feet. I've been walking around today spending your money and my feet smell pretty bad. Would you like to smell? Nasty, huh? But I know you like that my little horny foot pervert. Here's your chance to blow your load to my sexy gorgeous feet.
foot fetish, sneakers, financial domination
Bitchy Humiliation Femdom Princess Stillettos Heel Teasing
I have been working in these shoes for about 2 months and they are hella stinky! Nasty huh? It stinks beyond imagination! I know you want to lick them, considering how pathetic you are! high heel
shoes, financial domination
Stinky Socks Worship
My socks are really stinky today. I think I need a has mask, they are so raunchy! Oh my, they are so pungent, I can't even wash them. I take them off and show them to you. Smell how stinky they are while I tease you with my cute socks!
socks fetish
Bratty Toe Spreading Humiliation
I wiggle and spread my pretty pink painted toes while ignoring your pathetic existence.
foot fetish, ignore fetish
Bratty Toe Tease
I show off my soft, wrinkles soles and wiggle my toes around.
foot fetish, ignore fetish
We Give It 2 Toes Up
I spread my sexy toes and tease you with the soft soles of my perfect, bratty feet.
foot fetish, ignore fetish
Bratty Toe Fetish
See me stretch my hot toes apart while being ignored!
foot fetish, ignore fetish
Suck My Nasty Toes Clean
Bratty instructions on how to suck on my toes.
foot fetish
Bratty Feet Humiliation
Foot addicts get ready for my sexy feet teasing your dick while I completely ignore you. I know how obsessed you are with my stunning feet. My ultra sexy shoes will make you want to serve me in real life.
foot fetish, ignore fetish
Black Stiletto Pumps Worship
Get weak for my new pair of sexy shiny black high heel stilleto shoes I recently purchased and watch me dangle them as I sit on the kitchen counter and ignore you.
high heel shoes, ignore fetish
Open Toe Shoeplay
My hot open toed high heels will have you aching as I cross my legs and dangle my feet while reading a magazine. Nice closeups of my feet playing around with the shoe.
high heel shoes, ignore fetish
High Heel Shoes Tease
I dangle my sexy, hot black and white stilletos and pretty much ignore you while you look up at me. You can't help but stare at my beautiful feet, dangling seductively.
high heel shoes
Bratty Foot Humiliation
I am completely ignoring you but you can't resist trying to catch glimpses of my feet dangling back and forth with my open toed high heel shoes. My heels are so deliciously sexy, aren't they heel worshiper? Oh yes they are, deliciously sexy and IMPOSSIBLE to resist!
high heel shoes, ignore fetish, middle finger fetish, gum
High Heels Addiction
I'm going to an after party following another fab night out, but I want to tease my foot boy heel addict first. Sexy video of me ignoring you and dangling my shoes in my pink ruffle skirt and black top. These pumps will make your balls ache and cock stiffen even more!
high heel shoes, ignore fetish
High Heel Shoe Dangle Fetish
I dangle my sexy high heels right over your head and tease your cock mercilessly! I just have to show them off and make you weaker!
high heel shoes
Denim Fetish Freak
Check out me out in new pair of blue denim jeans while I relax in bed and slowly take off my socks! Don't you love that feel of denim, how tight it is against My skin. I know you can't resist getting extra horny for them.
jeans fetish, socks, ignore fetish
My Perfect Ass In Jeans
What submissive doesn't like to see my tight ass in jeans? So hot that you can't help but feel weak for them!
jeans fetish
Ignoring You In My Jeans
Nice closeup shots of my tight ass so close it's almost smothering you. Denim lovers get down on your hands and knees beneath my powerful addictive ass.
jeans fetish, ignore fetish
Designer Jeans Ass Tease
Nice closeup shots of my tight ass so close it's almost smothering you. Denim lovers get down on your hands and knees beneath my powerful addictive ass.
jeans fetish, ass worship
Bratty Jeans Ignore
My ass looks so hot in these expensive jeans. I know you love looking at my tight ass in these jeans and I love to tease you about it. I know you wish you could touch and feel it, that dirty little cock of yours is getting all excited at the thought of it.
jeans fetish, ignore fetish
Ruined Orgasm Instructions
I am in charge. I will direct your orgasm with a cum countdown and instruct you on how to stroke your cock for me. That is, if you do it correctly!
ruined orgasm, jerk off instruction, JOI
Blowing Smoke In Your Face
Watch me smoke and seductively tease you. I blow the smoke in different ways, even right in your face. You are a bad boy for viewing this!
smoking fetish
Bratty Smoke
Horny for my smoke aren't you? Come spy on me smoking a cigarette. I light it up and exhale a big smoke clouds. I know I make you feel weak and powerless every time I enjoy a cigarette.
smoking fetish
Smoking Humiliation
I light up and enjoy a cigarette on your behalf. I flip you off and verbally humiliate you for watching me smoke and sneaking glances at my gorgeous painted pink toenails.
smoking fetish, foot fetish, middle finger fetish
Mean Ballbusting Giantess
I am going to crush you and your tiny balls with my perfect feet!
giantess, ballbusting
Food Crush
Watch me squirt chocolate syrup all over my feet rub it everywhere. Then I get some hohos and crush the food with my feet.
foot fetish, food crush
Bitchy Girlfriend Feet Worship
I squeeze some chocolate syrup all over my feet in the kitchen. Lucky loser, see me slowly lick the chocolate off my toes and suck on them!
foot fetish
Cup Crushing Fetish
I smash the plastic cup with my addictive feet. Here the loud crinkly noises I make while I destroy with cup. My pink toenail look so hot while I crush the all the way down and then I stomp on them until it's totally flattened.
foot fetish, cup crush
Barefoot Cup Crush Fetish
I crush two thick plastic cups with my powerful toes.
foot fetish, cup crush
Rubbing My Bratty Feet
I know you want to see my new pedicure, don't you? You love being on the ground worshipping my feet. I know how much you enjoy watching me touch my feet in this view.
foot fetish
Pay To See My Bratty Feet
I sit hovering above you while you worship my feet. You won't be able to resist spoiling me and paying for all things related to my feet!
foot fetish, ignore fetish
Barefoot Brat
I see you down there looking at my feet. I instruct you on how I want you to service my feet. Lick and suck my toes, foot bitch! You are such a foot slut, you can't resist buying this clip!
foot fetish
Bratty Babe's Sexy Pink Toenails
I know my feet are so good looking. I am going to make you my footslave. The very sight of my perfect feet makes you forget anything else exists and immediately click and pay for me.
foot fetish, financial domination, tease and denial
Blow Your Load On My Bratty Feet
Bratty toes are hot! I tease you by rubbing my soles together softly and spreading my toes. My feet are so pretty and perfect, I know you want your tongue right there.
foot fetish
Hey Foot Bitch
Get on the ground while I show off my sexy feet. Watch my sexy toes move around slowly and seductively. My feet rub against each other from my heels to the tip of my toes.
foot fetish
Foot Stomping Torture
You little bastard, I am going to kick you in the face! I think you like getting hurt by my big feet. I flip you off and stomp all over you like a little ant. Then I squish you with my toes!
foot fetish, stomping, middle finger fetish
Schoolgirl Giantess
Watch out! My bare feet is going to stomp on you!
Wicked Giant Foot Mistress Trampling And Stomping
You are an itty bitty man. I just want to crush you like a bug!
Bratty Giantess Squashes You Between Her Sexy Toes
Hi little man, what are you doing down there? Are you looking up my skirt? I am just going to have to squish you because I'm tired of hearing your little mouth.
Bratty Giantess Verbally Degrades You
Hey down there! Taking a peek at my black panties underneath my skirt? I want you to get on your hand and knees and beg me to allow you to look up my skirt. *Hot close up of my black panties.
giantess, upskirt
Giantess Foot Stomping, Trampling And Crushing Worship
Your coming back for more? LOL, I am going to smash you with my foot!
Wicked Giant Foot Mistress Trampling And Stomping
I am going to flip you off little man and use my feet to step on you while you try to run away! So small and minuscule, scurrying around on the floor like an ant.
Bitchy Giantess Humiliation
I am going to look for you and trample you with my platform high heels in my sexy low cut purple dress.
giantess, high heels
Crush You Lil' Pipsqueak
It's so pathetic how small you are. You are a tiny little bitch man. I am going to squash you and make you squeak like a mouse!
Crushing You With My Pretty Giantess Feet
Where did you go? I guess I will use my high heel shoes and feet to stomp on the ground to find you, lol!
giantess, high heels
Brutal Giantess
Here's a new challenge, I will let you sit next to me in bed if you are able to climb and jump on this blanket. Let's see if you can make it!
Female Vore Giantess Stomp, Crush, Trample, Smash And Shrinks You With Her Giant Feet
I am going to enjoy to squishing your pathetic little body with my brown boots.
giantess, boots
Stepped On by Amazon Feet
I am going to trample all over you with my stinky, huge feet!
giantess, socks
Bratty Giantess Squashes You Between Her Sexy Toes
What a little bitch man! I am going to squish you between my toes. I am bigger and better than you!
Collossal Giant School Girl Feet Trample
I overwhelm your nose by putting my smelly sock in your face. Then I use my feet to trample you with loud stomping noises.
giantess, socks
Perfect Stomach Fetish
My will tummy drive you crazy! The smooth and soft skin, my perfect naval located right between my perky breasts and tight pussy.
stomach fetish
Crushed By A Giantess
You puny little bastard! I am going to step on you with my feet. Your lucky the carpet is protecting you.
Bratty Giantess Squishes You With Her Feet
Big Giant is coming to squish your ass! You are such a pathetic little man!
Cruel Giantess
Stomping on you real hard with my knee high white socks.
giantess, socks
Giantess POV
Little ass loser! I am going hurt you with my high heels. My toenail is bigger than you!
giantess, high heel shoes
Giantess Shoe Humiliation
You are a tiny pathetic little bitch. I am going to stomp on you with my black pumps.
giantess, high heel shoes
Bratty Giantess Squishes You
Pathetic little man, get ready to get squashed. Watch my toe stomp right on your ass!
Bratty Giantess Attacks
Puny little loser! Feel the wrath of my giant black boots squishing you as I am towering over you.
giantess, boots
Bratty Giantess Foot Smothering Humiliation
I am going to blow the smoke in your puny little eyeball and squish your face and balls with my bare feet. That's right, you belong on the floor where you belong.
giantess, ballbusting, smoking